HTC Hero Repair (Sprint)

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HTC Hero Repair Service

Broken HTC Hero Repair from Sprint with Cell Phone Repair Pros.

We can fix HTC Hero digitizer, fix HTC Hero LCD, HTC Hero Screen Repair, and all other HTC Hero repair problems.

  • HTC Hero Repair: Digitizer Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Digitizers
  • HTC Hero Screen Repair
  • HTC Hero LCD Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero LCDs
  • HTC Hero Home Button Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Home Button
  • HTC Hero Charging Port Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Charge Port
  • HTC Hero Power Button Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Power Button
  • HTC Hero Speaker Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Speaker
  • HTC Hero Mic (Microphone) Replacement
  • Fix HTC Hero Mic (Microphone)
  • HTC Hero WiFi Service Repair
  • HTC Hero Security Lock Code Removal
  • Refurbish Rehouse HTC Hero Repair Service
  • Water Damaged HTC Hero Repair Service
  • Unlocking HTC Hero Service
  • Jailbreak HTC Hero Service
  • Flashing HTC Hero Service

We fix all HTC Hero Repair Problems.

Cell Phone Repair Pros has performed many HTC Hero repairs. HTC Hero screen repair is the most common repair, followed by the HTC Hero water damage and HTC Hero charger port repair. But, we have done many HTC Hero repairs, we can fix all HTC Hero problems.

About the HTC Hero A6262 by Sprint

Released for Sprint, the HTC Hero runs on Android OS and is the combination of comfortable design and great function. Featuring HTC’s Sense, the HTC Hero also allows you to rearrange widgets to bring your favorite apps and functions to the easy-to-see position. You can easily view Facebook update, photos, email, text messages as well as call history of your close friend by simply tapping her name. The anti-fingerprint screen allows you to touch it for multitasking  while keep your screen clear and shining all the time. The HTC Hero also comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera, expandable memory besides internal memory of 288MB, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

  • Features a 3.2 inch touch screen display and anti-fingerprint screen to protect the screen from blur
  • Emails, text messages, photos, Facebook  status as well as other information are organized by each contact so you can capture all the information of each friend in the contact list from Done single view.
  • Dedicated Search button to easily search via Twitter or find people in the contact list as well as point out your appointments from the calendar
  • Web browsing is enhanced by full mobile browser supporting Flash
  • Integrated 5.0 megapixel auto-focus camera allows you to have perfect photos and video
  • Built-in Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and GPS via Sprint Navigator and Google Maps Street View

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