HTC Inspire Repair (AT&T)

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HTC Inspire Repair Service

Broken HTC Inspire Repair from AT&T with Cell Phone Repair Pros.

We can fix HTC Inspire digitizer, fix HTC Inspire LCD, HTC Inspire Screen Repair, and all other HTC Inspire repair problems.

  • HTC Inspire Repair: Digitizer Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Digitizers
  • HTC Inspire Screen Repair
  • HTC Inspire LCD Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire LCDs
  • HTC Inspire Home Button Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Home Button
  • HTC Inspire Charging Port Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Charge Port
  • HTC Inspire Power Button Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Power Button
  • HTC Inspire Speaker Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Speaker
  • HTC Inspire Mic (Microphone) Replacement
  • Fix HTC Inspire Mic (Microphone)
  • HTC Inspire WiFi Service Repair
  • HTC Inspire Security Lock Code Removal
  • Refurbish Rehouse HTC Inspire Repair Service
  • Water Damaged HTC Inspire Repair Service
  • Unlocking HTC Inspire Service
  • Jailbreak HTC Inspire Service
  • Flashing HTC Inspire Service

We fix all HTC Inspire Repair Problems.

Cell Phone Repair Pros has performed many HTC Inspire repairs. HTC Inspire screen repair is the most common repair, followed by the HTC Inspire water damage and HTC Inspire charger port repair. But, we have done many HTC Inspire repairs, we can fix all HTC Inspire problems.

About the HTC Inspire A9192 by AT&T

Released for AT&T, the HTC Inspire 4G belongs to the first smartphones to work on AT&T’s 4G network. And supported by AT&T HSPA-Plus network, this smartphone allows users to access Internet and download at lightning speed. Belonging to trend setter and fun phones, the HTC Inspire 4G has a 4.3 inch AMOLED touch screen display with accelerometer and proximity and ambient light sensor for vivid imaging even under sunlight. Powered by Android 2.2, the devices also offers access to Android Market as well as many Google’s services. It also comes with ‘Sense’, which allows you to find your lost phone and erase data remotely by commanding. There is also a 8.0 megapixel camera featuring HD video recording and a second 1.3 megapixel webcam for video chat.

  • Belong to the first group of smartphone to run on AT&T’s 4G network
  • Sleek design with aluminum case and a 4.3 inch AMOLED touch screen display for vivid imaging
  • Integrated 8.0 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD video recording capability, coming along with a 1.3 megapixel lens for video chat
  • Being the pioneering smartphone to provide HTC Sense, which unquestionably groups Twitter, Facebook and Flicker updates
  • Easily locate the position of the lost phone and erase data remotely with commands

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